Blog-in-Blog WordPress Plugin

Blog-in-Blog allows you to use the WordPress platform more as a CMS system, but still have a blog page on your site.

How it works:

  1. Use shortcode in a page to select a number of posts within a specified category.  This page with the shortcode becomes your ‘blog’ page (you can of course call it what you will).
    [blog_in_blog category_id=1 num=10]
    Must specify the category_id.
    Optionally specify a number of posts, defaults to 10.
  2. You can then optionally hide a specified category from the normal home page (there is an admin page for you to select the category).
  3. Therefore, any posts with the chosen category are shown only on your page and not on the home page, so if you use WordPress as a CMS, you now have a blog within a blog.

Added Features in version 0.4:

  • Allow multiple categories to be hidden from the home page. (Although at the moment I only have need for one to be hidden, hence why this is a nice to have feature!)

Download from the WordPress plugins site, or install directly through your WordPress installation.

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