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timhodson.com was last restyled in 2005 – over 4 years ago.  So I decided that it is time to start a redesign project. Last time I redesigned, I wanted to do two things: use some gorgeous fonts; create an accessible website.  However it seemed that the two things were in compatible. I could have good looking fonts, only as long as I embedded them in pictures, and pictures are not very accessible to screen readers.

So I read with interest that discussions in the font foundries and throughout the web design industry are moving a-pace (a perhaps slow pace after 4 years, but then I work in a software house, so I should know…).  The sticking point is, “How do you stop people from stealing fonts”.  Un-surprisingly Microsoft tabled a technology (EOT) offering that has been soundly bashed by others wanting a more ‘open’ platform.

Then there is the old issue of browser supportability for some of the existing font delivery methinds (e.g. Kernest).  Usual story, some do some don’t.

So I just installed firefox 3.5 to have a look at the Kernest website as firefox 3.5 upward supports this.

Mmmm, liking….

Last time I redesigned the website I stuck to a 800×600 minimum screen size.  This time I am going for a 1024×768 minimum fluid design, and I think I will throw in some webfonts of some description.

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